Important Changes

The Maze of Terror will be open tonight (11/1) for our closing night of the season. Tickets sold at the entrance from 7-10 pm. It will be cold and muddy out there, so dress accordingly, but we are soooooo excited to be able to scare your wits out ONE LAST TIME this year!


Come join us on a walk, where those that walk no more have come to rest. Through nightmares of the unthinkable hold on to your heart, be aware in the dark, You will never guess what’s stalking you around the next row of corn.

Then when you think it can get no worse, step in to the Woods of Fear to make your final reservation for your resting place beside those who have gone before you. See you in …..The Maze of Terror.

We're looking spooks to help with the 2014 season!
Click here to contact us about working for the Maze of Terror